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Lazar Driving School – all classes, prices that will make you smile, services that exceed expectations, professionals willing to go the extra steps.

What’s Involved?

  • Apply for your Provisional Licence
  • Complete your theory training online
  • Complete your practical training
  • Complete your PCP
  • Celebrate your success

Study for your driving theory exam at home or from anywhere online.

Our booking team are open 7 days a week, they can assist any additional queries and even find you driving tests quickly if you are in a rush to pass fast. Whether you are looking for weekly driving lessons or intensive driving courses our driving school in London can help you.

Service Provided in 8 Languages


Choose from Romanian, Bulgarian, English, Greek, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish,

Our Tried and tested services include

  • Intensive driving courses
  • Manual and automatic deriving lessons
  • Driving lessons available 7 days a week
  • Free pick up from home or work
  • Competitive prices
  • Independent driving instructors.

We recommend that all learners start in a manual car as if you pass in a manual you can drive both a manual and automatic car, however, if you pass in an automatic you will not be permitted to drive a manual vehicle.

Our driving instructors have very good local knowledge of all the local test centres which will help you pass your practical driving test.

If you already have a provisional licence then there is nothing stopping you learning to drive.

W also provide weekly lessons for intensive driving courses if you want to pass a little quicker.

So take the next stage in your career and we would love to have you on board.

Our courses are offered within flexable time frames.

With years of knowledge and experience we ensure that you recieve the best possible training so you can get behind the wheel with utmost confidence.

Our instructors will always be there at the designated time so that you dont have to wait a single second.